Amongst other things, the widely used term “team” means “family”. This is precisely what us makes us who we are. We are thankful that we have always tried to create a family atmosphere since our foundation in 1986 and we can see the positive effects time and time again every day. In the meantime, more than 70 colleagues carry out a wide range of tasks and contribute their strengths and ideas, in order to satisfy our customers with the best possible service.

We expect good work from everyone, since everyone can and must contribute personally. We rely on the uniqueness of human beings who influence our working environment with their special abilities and many-facetted characteristics.

We know each other very well at Hartung of course. At this point, we would also like to give you the opportunity to learn more about our team and gain an impression of all the departments which do their best for you:



What point is there in having the greatest ideas if there is no-one who can convert them into new products? None whatsoever. That is why it is important to have our own marketing and graphic design department in-house as a creative and dynamic department.

This is where we develop new products for our different groups of items twice a year and this is how we have developed up to 2,000 new ideas every year. New products are generated in collaboration with the Sales department and the management – they are conceived from the initial idea, tested and developed until they are ready for production. Throughout all our creative work the market is kept under the closest observation to ensure that our product development is well-directed. Sales support with high-quality emotional and individual sales documents such as, for example, our numerous leaflets is of course just one of many other tasks carried out by our “Creative Department”.

Moreover, this is where in our Company care is taken to ensure that our customers are supplied with up-to-date information through all sorts of communication channels. These include PR reports and advertisement campaigns in selected trade journals, mail shot campaigns promoting seasonal offers as well as our well laid-out internet shop.


What point is there in having the great set products if you do not have them in stock and can’t get them to the customer promptly? None at all. That is why particular importance is attributed to our logistics department.

Our logistics specialists are involved at all stages of the work before, during and after each order: from taking receipt of the goods, to clearing the place where they are to be stored, order assembly, right up to dispatch, handling customs’ procedures and any returns there may be. Much happens in the interim period with the assistance of technical support – such as, for example, processing returns sent back as agreed, which are credited to the customer’s account after the goods have been checked and the quantity returned has been entered in the returns machine.

But machines and computers only work well in those cases in which they are operated professionally. And that is precisely what our logistics specialists do.

What point is there in having the greatest products if they don’t leave the warehouse because no orders are being taken for them from customers. None at all. That is why the sales reps are of particular importance for our Company.

Our sales team is international because they are important. In the meantime our sales reps look after customers personally in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium and Great Britain. They are supported by our sales manager and a key account manager. In addition to this, in selected countries such as France and Sweden, we work together with wholesalers.

The words “sales reps” is the best way of describing the work of our colleagues – out there with the customers. Thanks to them Hartung has always provided personal support locally.



What point is there in having great orders if the logistics department know nothing about them and the sales reps don’t receive replies to their questions about day-to-day business? None at all.

Without our experienced and committed sales office staff, a crucial part of our team would be missing. The sales office at our Company headquarters in Neumünster acts as an interface between the sales reps and the logistics department in the same building and our trade customers.

There is certainly hardly any question that has not been asked of the sales office hitherto. All issues, no matter how minor they appear to be, will always be dealt with in a helpful and professional manner.

What point is there in having the best ideas if there is no-one to manage them? None at all. The management at Hartung is responsible for this and for ensuring Company cohesion.

In spite of our size, both directors know all the staff personally – and this is just how a family should be.

At Hartung, we invest in our staff and work on our goal of being an harmonious “family” every day, because we know that the work climate has a crucial impact on our performance and enjoyment at work.

In this way, we achieve a great deal together in an extremely dynamic and contested market. We are pleased to be able say to current and future customers and colleagues:

you have a winning hand with us!