Our common values

The shared values are an expression of our corporate culture and form the basis of guiding principles for conduct and leadership. Our managing directors, Ute and Olaf Reiner, lead by example and act on the basis of our values. They thereby create a pleasant atmosphere, in which people feel at home. They also expect the same from their staff. Our values determine the day-to-day work, shape the interaction of the staff and their behaviour towards the customers. They serve as “principles of action” in all areas of the company as it were and help us to continuously adjust to the needs of our customers. If everyone pulls together, we can also find a solution to apparently unsolvable problems. In addition to this, our value-based interaction is an expression of our respectful approach to each other and also to our customers and suppliers.

“The motivation to act according to the values is in every one of us. As an employee, you can decide to live and breathe them and give them life. We are challenged to define and further develop them every day. All you need is the willingness to learn and grow together.”

Laura Pieper, Assistant to the Management